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Dye One - Asia Fante - X*Mas Candles (CDr)

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  1. Shop Honey/Vanilla Liquid Dye from Lone Star Candle Supply. Our dyes are highly soluble in wax and extremely concentrated. 1 ounce of liquid dye is enough to color + pounds of wax! FedEx Orders Placed by 4pm CST ship same day! Buy now!
  2. One block is enough color to deeply dye 15 pounds of wax. Each color block weighs approximately 1/2 oz. For use in candles only. NEVER use these color blocks in cosmetic products! Color blocks are dye dispersed in a wax medium. Color blocks do not produce as vibrant colors as our liquid candle dye or powdered candle dye.
  3. Liquid Candle Dye Liquid Dyes are packaged in clear glass Boston Round bottles with dropper tops. Each color can be made into different shades by adjusting the usage amount (see suggested use percentages below % equals approximately 7 drops of dye per pound of wax). One oz. of dye should color approx. lbs of wax (1 lb. of dye per 2, lbs) to a medium shade.
  4. Aug 09,  · Tye Dyed candles are easy to make and they look like works of art. You can make this project even easier by using canning wax, paper cups for molds, and crayons for dye, you will always get the best results by using a metal mold, higher grade wax, wax additives, and liquid candle dye.
  5. Shop Dye Blocks from Lone Star Candle Supply. These dye blocks are a new and unique system for coloring candles. No prior knowledge about candle dyes is necessary! FedEx orders placed by 4pm CST ship same day! Buy now!
  6. 18 Color Candle Dye with 20Pcs Candle Wicks, Wtrcsv Dye Flakes for Candle Making Supplies Kit Soy Candle Color Dye for DIY or Candle Making - 5g/oz Each Pack, Total 90g/oz by .
  7. Premium Candle Making Liquid Dyes. Highest Quality and Concentrated. No ingredients are list on California Prop Our liquid dyes are the most soluble colorant available. They are for creating a full range of colors for soy wax, vegetable waxes, bees wax, paraffin waxes, reed diffuser oils and a lot more coloring applications.
  8. This highly concentrated liquid candle dye is easily soluble in paraffin, natural waxes, liquid paraffin and candle gels. 4 oz. will dye lbs. of wax% for a medium shade is equal to about 7 drops per lb. of wax. Liquid Candle Dye can be used in any type of wax and also with liquid paraffin - (lamp oil).

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